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'Afzal will be hanged if BJP comes to power'

Last updated on: March 19, 2009 22:00 IST

Bharatiya Janata Party vice-president M Venkaiah Nadu has said that if his party comes to power at the Centre, Parliament attacker Afzal Guru will be hanged within 100 days.

The BJP leader was addressing a meeting in Chalakkudy in Kerala.

Naidu also said that the Prevention Of Terrorism Act will be implemented once the party comes to power .He further added that loans would be given to farmers at 4% interest rates.

Afzal is a person, who attacked Indian Parliament and indulged in several anti-national activities, he said, adding however that his party was not against Muslims.

Alleging that UPA government does not have the spine to rein in terror suspects who were posing threats to the integrity of the country, Naidu said: "When terrorists become violent, the UPA government turns silent."

The senior leader said that the Third Front is a non-entity and that there is no point in saying that the prime ministerial candidate will be decided after the elections. He sarcastically remarked that the scenario was like a cricket team announcing the captain after the match was over.

Arun Lakshman in Thiruvananthapuram