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220 sensitive polling stations in Delhi

May 03, 2009 16:18 IST

Around 220 polling stations in New Delhi have been identified as 'sensitive' and 'highly-sensitive' by Delhi Police, which will deploy Quick Reaction Teams across the city to deal with any attempt to disrupt the Lok Sabha elections.

Police have identified around 30 highly-sensitive stations in the city, with the majority falling in East Delhi, North-East Delhi and Chandni Chowk constituencies, a senior police officer said on Sunday.

These three constituencies together have 17 polling stations in the highly-sensitive categories, where security personnel will be deployed in abundance. "We will have QRTs near these stations," the officer said.

He said police have also identified around 190 polling stations as sensitive.

This is a decrease from Delhi Assembly elections held in November last year when police had identified 40 hyper-sensitive and 226 sensitive polling booths.

"We identify the polling stations on the basis of various parameters like whether it has a history of violation of model code of conduct or a history of law and order problem in polling station," the officer said.

Police is also taking a number of steps to ensure peaceful polling on May 7, which includes sealing of borders two days prior to the voting, deployment of QRTs and keeping a close watch on use of musclemen.

"The QRTs will be deployed all across the city. We are taking all precautionary measures," the officer said, adding that the focus will be on border points and resettlement pockets.

Police have also identified 14 entry points on the borders which are "very sensitive".

The officer said there are 42 entry points and police will seal the borders on May five evening. "Sealing does not mean that there will be no movement of traffic. The traffic flow will be regulated," he said.

Police is also keeping a watch on the use of musclemen by politicians during their campaign.

During the assembly elections, police had asked Haryana Police to make attendance in wrestling coaching centres in that state compulsory on the date of polling.

Shemin Joy in New Delhi
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