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Pawar is the dark horse in PM race

By Onkar Singh in New Delhi
Last updated on: May 14, 2009 03:47 IST
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Deepak Chopra, a close associate Bhartiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate L K Advani, said that the BJP would emerge as the single largest party on its own and biggest pre-poll alliance group. Chopra, who accompanied Advani to ecvery nook and corner of India, is confident that if there was going to be government at the centre it would be headed by L K Advani, but he does not say this in so many words. "Advaniji is meeting people at home. Let us wait till the election results are announced," Chopra told

But the astrologers like Ajay Bhambi do not think that things would pass off so easily. "I am of the opinion that this election is going to be a turning point in history. Things may slip out of the BJP's hand, just when everything looks hunky dory for Manmohan Singh, the power may slip out of his hands as well. I do not rule out the possibility of a mid-term poll by the end of 2010. People of India are going to be upset with the persons they have chosen that they would chase away politicians in a couple of years to come. This is where the youth of India is going to play a major role in bringing about a change in the Indian democracy," Bhambi said.

Bhambi firmly believes that Maratha strong man Sharad Pawar may emerge as a dark hourse and could grab the seat of power with the help of the Shiv Sena who believe that time has come for the Marathas to assert themselves in the Indian politics.

Known astologer Lachman Das Madan refused to predict as to who is going to rule the country. "Babaji has written in detail about the possible outcome of the 2009 elections and it is going to hit the market by Thursday evening. Please wait till then," said one of his disciples. Interestingly that Madan had predicted that Vajpayee would be prime minister almost five years back but till date he has not been explain the failure of his prediction.

Bhanu Pratap Narain Mishra,who hails from Amethi, says that Sonia Gandhi's horoscope will not be giving her good news. "The Congress party, may lose so many seats, which is going to cause a revolt in the rank and file of the Congress who love to hear good knews and when the chips are down they would not hestitate to disown the leadership as it happened in case of Narasimha Rao, Sitaram Kesari and other stalwarts of the party.

This could as well mean that this could mean the end of dynastic rule in the party. This would be possible due to retrograde Saturn-great justice planet," Misra believes. Between 16th of May planets favour BJP leaders L K Advania nd Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, Party president Rajnath Singh. All India Anna Dravuda Munnetra Kazhagam supermo Ms. Jayalalaitha and BSP president

Dr Manmohan's position according to the astrologers may not show him in good light.

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Onkar Singh in New Delhi

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