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The Sardar Sarovar dam across the Narmada, at Kavadia colony, 194 km south of Ahmedabad
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'Gujarat is being discriminated against'

Are you satisfied with this government s management of the financial meltdown?

What does my satisfaction have to do with it! They are not giving my state any funds. All over India they adopted three projects as national projects, but not my Narmada project. What will you say to this, when this Narmada project involves four states? Do you think this attitude of the PM is correct?

You are saying Gujarat has been discriminated against?


And that is because Narendra Modi is the chief minister?

I don't say that.

Why would Gujarat then be discriminated against?

Maybe they feel the people of Gujarat don't help them, politically they are not useful to them. And they are taking it out on our people.

You are making a direct allegation against the Government of India.

Yes, I am repeating it, that my state is being treated unjustly.

Are there any other examples of this?

See, Gujarat has the maximum number of vehicles, petrol-diesel consumption is the highest here. You earn cess from it from which you build roads. But my state gets zero budget while their favourite state gets Rs 13,000 crores. What will you call this?

Which is their favourite state?

You please find it out, I can't be doing your job.

You are alleging there is a continuous pattern of discrimination.

I am saying exactly that. In my state we want to take a water pipeline below the railway line, the expenditure is being borne by my government, but for the last two years the railway ministry in Delhi has not given permission for this.

In my state, in another place, we have this bridge that is complete on both sides, the railway line is on the river bank, so I have not been given permission to join the bridge. For two years the bridge has been lying unusable after spending money on it.

The Narmada dam needs a gate done, that's all the work left, today the cement and steel prices have fallen, the work can be done at a lower cost. But the Delhi government has not given me permission for this. Assuming it involves the stoppage of water flow in the dam, what will happen to get the gate done! If someone has any objection, don't stop the water flow, leave the gate open.

What do you lose in getting my gate done? But they don't allow us. You tell me, today steel is so cheap, I only need to get a 35-metre gate done, how many crores will be saved! But they are not giving permission.

What should I call this, you tell me?

You recently levelled a charge that Rs 50,000 crores has gone missing from the government coffers.

The Comptroller and Auditor Generals report is there on the basis of which I have asked this of the Indian government. Rs 50,000 crores is missing, where has it gone? And so far the government has not replied.

You have hinted that it has gone into funding the Congress campaign and, this is very interesting, preferred NGOs.

See, the CAG report says which NGO was given how much money, what happened to the money, but the government is not giving the details. This is from the CAG report, not my words.

Image: The Sardar Sarovar dam across the Narmada, at Kavadia colony, 194 km south of Ahmedabad
Photographs: Amit Dave/Reuters
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