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Don't settle for Rs 500. Ask for 5,000 a vote!
A Ramkumar, 27, entrepreneur, Madurai

'It's a sin to be a farmer'
Kamalakar Rao, farmer, Tiruvallur

Waiting for 'Captain' to rule Tamil Nadu
Sivakumar, 25, bus conductor, Kancheepuram

'Everyone should vote'
Raghuveer Singh Gujar, Paniala, Rajasthan

'Food items are beyond our reach'
Sathyan, 52, weaver, Kancheepuram

'We aren't begging, we are just asking for our rights'
Surjeet Singh, traffic policeman, Chandigarh

'Congress candidate has promised us employment'
Raju Lal Meena, farmer, Jhilai, Rajasthan

'Is asking for clean drinking water a crime?'
Nishatha Singh, 70, Jagadpura

'Terrorism started because of BJP'
Felix Ambrose, travel consultant, Mumbai

What's the point of voting: 26/11 victim's kin
Damyanti Gohil, tailor, Mumbai

'We Ladakhis need a powerful voice'
J Gyallson, 52, Ladakh

'I will vote for the BJP candidate'
Jayant Singh, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

'Our CM has no time for us'
Kiriya, farmer, Shikaripura, Karnataka

'Our MP must solve the fertiliser problem'
Kumar S R, 45, tea vendor, Salagame, Karnataka

'Only Deve Gowda can solve our problems'
Devraj, farner, Hassan, Karnataka

'Supplying electricity here is a mere formality'
Hanume Gowda, Hardanahalli, Karnataka

'We are willing to pay for the basic amenities'
Sharada Bai, housewife, Shimoga

The simple formula for winning
Irshad Mohammad Khan, law professor, Uttar Pradesh

'We are ahead in knowledge'
Tikam Yadav, student, Madhya Pradesh

'Young politicians give me hope'
Jay Desai, 26, entrepreneur, Mumbai

'All chain snatchers are graduates'
Anita Uday, housewife, Bhopal

'There is no hope of a better life for us'
Devappa, 36, mine worker, Bellary

'I will worship my MP if he addresses our problem'
Somesh, 41, mine worker, Thoranagallu (Karnataka)

'I want to slog, earn and eat. I don't need freebies'
Malleshaiah, 55, farmer, Chitradurga

Why Sandeep Fernandes won't vote
Sandeep Fernandes, 27, PR professional, Mumbai

'BJD will win the elections in Orissa'
Shrikant, professional, 35, Bhubaneshwar

'We have to go to other cities for jobs'
Brajendra Kumar Singh, 21, student, Bihar

Let us choose the better criminal!
Narrendiran P A , 30, Corporate Communication Executive, Chennai

'The BJP has an edge in Karnataka'
Vasanth Shetty, 34, Printing Press Owner, Bangalore

A Kashmir boatman's aspirations
Manzoor Ahmad, 28, Boatman, Srinagar

'Opportunists will form government'
K R Mohanram, 57, Industrialist, Chennai

'Congress will lose because of price rise and diesel shortage'
Ahmed Basheer, 57, Autorickshaw Driver, Hyderabad

'I don't want the Third Front to come to power'
Usha Shankar, 52, Housewife, Chennai

'We feel embarrassed we cant do anything here'
Prachi, School Teacher, Bihar

'Chiranjeevi will bring in change in AP'
Rajashekha, Chiranjeevi supporter, Andhra Pradesh

'Manmohan Singh is the best man to manage a coalition'
Murugersa Pandian, 50, Farmer, Tuticorin (TN)

'Is a clean record too much to ask?'
Sunil Menon, 42, Fashion Choreographer, Chennai

'In Cong, I see a ray of hope for common man'
Palani Swamy, 40, Watchman, Chithradurga (Karnataka)

'Who will speak for us?'
Priya Babu, 35 Transgender Activist, Chennai

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